Real-Life Boyfriends Carter Collins & Oliver Marks Known As Southwest College Boys Shine And Fuck In Their New CockyBoys Debut Scene, “Real Life Couple, Carter Collins & Oliver Marks Make Their CockyBoys Debut” !

“There is definitely an advantage when you are in a porn scene with a partner. This advantage is when your partner in crime is your other half in real life, everything becomes more natural, more fluid and even pushing the limits to authenticity. That’s what we have here with Carter and Oliver, both known in the networks are their name, Southwest College Boys, the two sexy guys have recently been nesting in porn studios and for three weeks now they have been posing their luggage at Jake Jaxson’s. After their respective first scenes, Carter with Harley in “Friends With Benefits” and Oliver with Daniel in “Oliver Marks Debut”, here they are reunited for the first time this Thanksgiving week in a perfect and magnificent scene. It’s all there, the complicity with playful glances and naughty little smiles, the tenderness, the sensuality without forgetting the part of energetic sex of which only Carter Collins has the secret.”

Jordan (KinkyBoys)

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Real Life Couple, Carter Collins & Oliver Marks Make Their CockyBoys Debut”: November 22, 2022 — Director(s): Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian — Model(s): Carter Collins, Oliver Marks — © 2022 Euro Media Partners, LLC. ® All Rights Reserved.

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Jake Jaxson, CockyBoys Director says:

“Super-cute real-life couple Carter Collins and Oliver Marks are back for their first CockyBoys scene together! They share details of their unique courtship and relationship, then get down to a sample of their wake-up sex, blending romantic sensuality and hardcore intensity.

Carter is all about giving Oliver what he likes by kissing him sweetly and spending lots of time sucking his thick cock. And, when Oliver reciprocates, Carter subtly starts to take control with words and action until he virtually demands to eat Oliver’s ass. With Oliver kneeling against the wall, Carter then vocalizes what they both know: he owns Oliver’s hole.

Carter pounds that hole, while manhandling Oliver along the way and putting him into any position he likes. Carter jack-hammers Oliver on top of him and sideways before pinning him on his back to drill him relentlessly until Carter fucks a load out of Oliver and cums over him. Their passion remains strong as they kiss again, even more lovingly than before.”

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