Sean Returns to Pound Newcomer Evan In New Sean Cody’s Scene !

Evan V (Sean Cody)

“One of Sean Cody’s most iconic role models is back, he sure doesn’t come without a hint of nostalgia as he thinks back to his former exploits at Sean Cody but we’re here to talk about the present and Mr Sean is still there fitter than ever and much more bulk and mature than before. In addition to his return, Sean is responsible for welcoming the newcomer Evan, who begins with the front door (or rather with the big cock). A pleasant return to have for an audience who are also delighted to see one of Sean Cody’s recurring models and see for Evan’s steps as an experienced bottom.”

Jordan (KinkyBoys)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Sean Returns to Pound Newcomer Evan”: October 14, 2022 — Director(s): Ryan Cash — Model(s): Evan V (Sean Cody), Sean (Sean Cody) — © 2022 Sean Cody. ® All Rights Reserved.

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Muscular, shaven-headed newcomer Evan is so hot, it tempted Sean back into the studio to break him in! The guys take a stroll through a meadow, posing in the greenery and sneaking kisses in the bushes. At the studio, their breathing gets heavy as they undress each other, and Evan wants to devour every inch of the top, kissing down his chest and swallowing his cock. The bottom is very vocal as Sean rims him, calling out, “Oh yeah, I want you inside of me so bad,” begging for Sean’s dick as the top teases him. “Such a great ass,” Sean says as he plays with it, then finally gives Evan what he wants. Sean pounds the bottom in missionary, and Evan talks dirty as he rides Sean, moaning loudly as he orgasms, then sucks out the top’s cum.

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