Sexy Pornstars Trevor Brooks And Tristan Hunter Flip-Fucks In New RodsRoom Scene, ”Trevor + Tristan”.

Trevor Brooks
Tristan Hunter

“A new magnificent scene this week on the side of Rodsroom with in light the charismatic models Trevor Brooks and Tristan Hunter. Let’s also mention the very beautiful photo gallery accompanying this scene. “Trevor + Tristan” is available now on the official Rodsroom website.”

Jordan (KinkyBoys)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
“Trevor + Tristan”: October 7, 2022 — Model(s): Trevor Brooks, Tristan Hunter — ©️ 2022 Zubb Media Inc. ® All Rights Reserved.

Pour lire cet article en français, clique ici : 🇫🇷

Rodsroom says:

“Man have I waited a long time to get Trevor Brooks and Tristan Hunter in my backyard. But, I had to savor the moment; I couldn’t just let them get right to it. So I had them touch each other, feel each other, look at each other. It was so hot. And when I finally couldn’t take it… that’s when I let them go all out in this beautiful flip fuck.”

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