XXL Muscular Top Sean Xavier Fucks Evan Knoxx In CockyBoys’ “Evan Knoxx & Sean Xavier”

Evan Knoxx
Sean Xavier

“This week the very handsome and well-hung Sean Xavier is once again the center of attention. After a magnificent scene with Jack Bailey a few days ago, here he is again with the magnificent Evan Knoxx.
If you loved Sean’s performance with Jack, believe me that with Evan, we’re on a whole new level. Tenderness, sensuality, attraction, sensitivity… it’s all there. Special mention to Evan Knoxx who since the 4th part of SURRENDER and even before that, the scene with the very sexy Tristan Hunter, offers us excellent performances.”

Jordan (KinkyBoys)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Evan Knoxx & Sean Xavier”: September 30, 2022 — Director(s): Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian — Model(s): Evan Knoxx, Sean Xavier — © 2022 Euro Media Partners, LLC. ® All Rights Reserved.

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Sean Xavier is back to show Evan Knoxx his brand of subtly dominant, big dick energy—and Evan is totally down for it. He puts himself in Sean’s experienced hands, lying on his tummy as Sean sucks his toes, massages his butt, and rests on top of him while whispering and nibbling on his ear. When Sean changes it up, he gets on top of Evan in the opposite direction as his cock rubs against his body and lightly brushes Evan’s face.

Sean pulls Evan forward and pulls over his briefs to bury his face in his crack and play with his hole. He soon kisses Evan and entwines their tongues before feeding cock to his open mouth. Sean trains Evan’s mouth and fucks it, then flips him on his back for a brief 69. After this, Sean takes charge by lying back and getting Evan to service his ginormous cock. Using his hands and mouth, and a little help from Sean, Evan takes as much of his cock as he can.

As much as Sean loves getting head, he has his eyes on Evan’s hole. He fingers him while Evan is blowing him, then turns him over to eat out his ass. Evan raises up his ass, but Sean cock teases him, preferring to slowly fuck him on his back. Sean opens him up and passionately kisses him and soon, with his cock buried deep inside Evan, Sean leans back so Evan can ride him and take all his upward thrusts.

 Sean isn’t done though, and he flips Evan on his stomach again to plow him and fuck him from the side. It isn’t long before Sean fucks a load out of Evan just keeps going by licking up his cum, deep-dicking his throat and teasing his hole again. BUT, it’s while Evan is sitting on his face that Sean shoots his thick load in a body quaking orgasm. Evan keeps Sean quivering by milking him dry and feeding him cum. As they kiss again, the intensity dissipates in to a post-orgasmic calm.

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