Big-Dicked Performer Lane Colten Fucks Jack Bailey In CockyBoys’ “Steamy Cruising adventure with Jack Bailey & Lane Colten !”

Jack Bailey
Lane Colten

“Jack Bailey continues his wonderful path at CockyBoys with this outdoor scene with one of the public much-loved CockyBoys model, Lane Colten. Repeated several times by Jack and as you already know, Lane is indeed well spoiled by nature, which is the joy of the latter and ours at the same time. Jack and Lane delivered an excellent performance, alternating between tenderness, attention, caresses and lively energy, strength and attraction.”

Jordan (KinkyBoys)

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Steamy Cruising adventure with Jack Bailey & Lane Colten!”: September 27, 2022 — Director(s): Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian — Model(s): Jack Bailey, Lane Colten — © 2022 Euro Media Partners, LLC. ® All Rights Reserved.

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One lazy summer afternoon Jack Bailey and Lane Colten playfully cruise each other in the park, but once Lane gives Jack a sneak peek of his cock, they get make haste to get it on. Lane drives them to a secluded spot to park and when Jack gets a full look at his big dick, he proceeds to suck and stroke it, as well as make out with Lane. Jack can’t get enough of Lane’s huge cock, and as he chokes on it, Lane reaches around to finger his hole.

Soon, Lane insists Jack take out his cock so they can stroke each other while kissing and keeping an eye out. Lane takes a chance by going down Jack just outside the vehicle, then turns him around to eat his ass and begin fucking him from behind and plowing his hole. They get more brazen with a little acrobatic fucking in the open passenger door and Lane’s caution dissipates as he orders Jack to suck him again and lie back in the passenger seat.

Just outside the open door, Lane sucks and fucks Jack, dominating his hole and making the wide-eyed awestruck bottom shoot his load. Lane keeps going with powerful, deep thrusts leading to his cumming inside Jack. Lane gets off on seeing his load stream out of Jack’s hole, but their little anonymous sex adventure is done and he makes short work of driving him back to where they met.

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