Hung American Stallion Jayden Marcos And Hot Versatile Performer Trevor Harris Flip-Fuck in New Next Door Films Production, “Paramour”.

Jayden Marcos
Trevor Harris

“After the discovery of Brandon’s infidelity, Paramour seems to be the short film where explanations are needed. If Brandon struggles to explain himself on this subject, Jayden takes the lead by inviting Trevor to a dinner party. In this scene, you will witness a connection between two guys of rare intensity.

From a more picky point of view, Paramour, directed by the talented Conrad Parker alongside Big Mike and Walden Woods in cinematography, the film is a success both in terms of the quality of the images and the acting performance of Jayden and Trevor as well as Brandon present in the first part of Paramour.”

Jordan (KinkyBoys)

Rating: 4 out of 5.
“Paramour”: September 17, 2022 — Director(s): Conrad Parker — Cinematography : Big Mike, Walden Woods — Model(s): Brandon Anderson, Jayden Marcos, Trevor Harris — ©️ 2022 Next Door Studios. ® All Rights Reserved

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Trevor Harris gets the shock of a lifetime when he finds his boyfriend Brandon Anderson cheating on him with Jayden Marcos! But, when Jayden apologizes and reveals he didn’t know Brandon was taken, he invites Trevor over for a dinner that sparks into a wonderful evening. But is Trevor ready to move on? Or do his feelings for Brandon still burn brightly?

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