CockyBoys Exclusive Daniel Evans Fucks Tyler Wu in New CockyBoys Scene, “Morning Blows” !

Daniel Evans
Tyler Wu

“We find Daniel Evans more than in good shape in this new scene from CockyBoys. In full promotion of Jake Jaxson’s new project, “Surrender”, we are taking a mini break this week with the return of Tyler Wu.

With “Morning Blows”, Daniel and Tyler are performing in a very sensual and attentive way towards the other. A very beautiful scene and a performance by Tyler Wu which is worth the detour as for Daniel Evans if there is one thing we can say is that since his debut at CockyBoys, this man continues to surprise us too both in his performance and his charisma. The scene is available and to see in full on the CockyBoys website.”

Jordan (KinkyBoys)

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Morning Blows: Daniel Evans & Tyler Wu”: August 30, 2022 — Director(s): Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian — Model(s): Daniel Evans, Tyler Wu — © 2022 Euro Media Partners, LLC. ® All Rights Reserved.

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Welcome back Tyler Wu (@tylerwu.hoo on Instagram & @TylerWu_97 on Twitter) for “Morning Blows”, another special collaboration, this time co-starring CockyBoys Exclusive Daniel Evans! Tyler greets the day giving Daniel a blowjob under the sheets, a wake-up Daniel definitely loves getting. And, after they make out, Daniel promises some fucking ahead prompting Tyler to suck him more and slick up his cock.

Daniel thoroughly enjoys the oral attention and soon reaches over to finger Tyler’s hole, getting turned on even more watching himself in the mirror. As much as Daniel loves this, he really wants to fuck and easily gets Tyler to ride his cock and take his deep thrusts—all while they gaze deeply into each other’s eyes face-to-face.

Soon enough, Daniel gets his wish again to eat ass and with Tyler bent over, Daniel not only rims him, he sucks his cock & balls and strokes him from behind. This all leads to Daniel fulfilling his promise to slide his cock into Tyler and fuck him. Daniel doesn’t hold back either, pumping and drilling Tyler hard, often holding him tight and holding him by the throat.

Eventually Daniel takes Tyler to the bed to finish him off by fucking him on his back with the same unbridled sexual energy.  With his hand firmly grasping Tyler by the throat he keeps going and until he makes Tyler shoot his load. It’s no long before Daniel pulls out to shoot a thick load over Tyler’s hole and breed him with it. Virtually spent, Daniel plops down next to Tyler who’s quite pleased with what he started.

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