Max Lava Get Fucked Hard By Kad Le Rebeu In New Citebeur’s Scene, “Listen To Me And Look At Me, Slave – Baise Magistrale Et Éjac Faciale Pour Max Lava”.

“Listen To Me And Look At Me, Slave”: June 5, 2022 — Model(s): Kad Le Rebeu, Max Lava — © 2022 CITEBEUR. ® All Rights Reserved.
Kad Le Rebeu
Max Lava

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Nothing better than a very obedient Max Lava and all that under the authority of Kad Le Rebeu. For this return of the promotion of the CITEBEUR stages on KinkyBoys, we have the right this Sunday on a very hot and rhythmic stage. A well-formed Kad and a Max Lava ready to do anything to do the job well. Well played guys !” — Jordan (KinkyBoys)

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Max Lava won’t forget his hookup with dom top Kad. Kad arrives at his place, streetwear clothing, and starts to dominate him with his dirty words. Time for a very cerebral gay fuck. Max understands that by obeying and doing exactly what his boss tells him he will feel just like the gay slave he always dreamt to be. He’ll redouble his efforts to please the Master’s thick dick. After pushing the limits of his mouth, Kad will take possession of his beautiful hairy ass and will end giving his slut a facial cum shower.

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