Sean Cody’s Upcoming Limited Series, “Puerto Vallarta Getaway” Starts June 3 — The Official Trailer Released !

SAN DIEGO — This Friday, June 3, the special series by Sean Cody will be released, mainly shot in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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And nothing better to start this month of pride with a trailer exclusively for this new super hot video series, all in a heavenly setting:

Devy (Sean Cody)
JC (Sean Cody)
Josh IV (Sean Cody)
Kyle (Sean Cody)
Lan (Sean Cody)
Liam III (Sean Cody)

Nobody does fun in the sun like Sean Cody. We sent hotties Devy, JC, Kyle, Liam, Josh, and Lan down to beautiful Puerto Vallarta for a little R&R–ramming and railing, that is! Check out these hunks splashing in the surf, playing on the sand, and of course, having some naughty nookie in nature… not to mention boning down on a boat. And just like every Sean Cody getaway, it ends with a good old-fashioned orgy! Don’t miss an episode.

“Sean Cody’s Limited Series, Puerto Vallarta Getaway (Trailer)”: June 1, 2022 — Model(s): Devy, Kyle, JC, Josh, Lan, Liam — ©️ 2022 Sean Cody. ® All Rights Reserved.

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