Hot Jock Daniel Evans Fucks The Newbie Greyson Myles In CockyBoys New Scene, “Daniel Evans & Greyson Myles”.

Daniel Evans & Greyson Myles”: May 27, 2022 — Director(s): Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian — Model(s): Daniel Evans, Greyson Myles — © 2022 Euro Media Partners, LLC. ® All Rights Reserved.
Daniel Evans
Greyson Myles

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“A month ago we met the very cute Greyson Myles, in the second episode of “Hit Me Up” with the sexy and very imposing muscled buffalo Austin Wolf where he made a good impression with his Bike jockstrap. He is back this week with the very sexy Daniel Evans who has more than one trick up his sleeve. This scene marks the beginning of summer at CockyBoys and I might as well tell you that you will not be disappointed. Greyson continues on his way by giving us an excellent performance, accompanied by Daniel Evans more in shape than ever with a very soft start before letting go completely.” — Jordan (KinkyBoys)

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Greyson Myles finally gets Daniel Evans! They met a while ago and didn’t get to do much, but now they can and Greyson is excited to be with Daniel—who is exactly his type. Here though, he patiently waits for Daniel to come to him as he lies outside on a chaise lounge, feeling up his own body & stroking his cock. Daniel watches his from the doorway, groping himself until Greyson invites him over to make out.

Kissing turns them both on and Greyson sucks Daniel quickly showing his enthusiasm both in words and actions. Greyson deep throats Daniel who reaches around to grip his ass crack, prompting Greyson to declare he wants Daniel inside him.  Before that Daniel slathers over his hole until Greyson begs to be fucked.

Daniel enters Greyson and fucks him deep, turned on not just by how Greyson takes a pounding but how his hole grips his cock. As they fuck, they can’t help but express how perfect this, but they take it indoor  where they spice things up even more as Greyson goes down on Daniel in front of a mirror. As he’s deep-throated again Daniel gets weak in the knees and has to sit down to get blown.

After Daniel fingers his hole, Greyson gets up to ride his cock, bouncing on it. They go non-stop as Daniel pounds him over the couch, Greyson rides him in a reverse cowboy and ends as Daniel drills him on his back. Finally, Greyson starts to cum and as he shoots his load Daniel shoots his too over his hole and into him. They celebrate their long-awaited pairing, tasting each other’s cum and sharing it in sweet kisses.

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