Aiden Ward And Xtian Mingle Enjoys A Steamy Afternoon Delight In CockyBoys New Hot Scene.

Aiden Ward And Xtian Mingle Enjoys A Steamy Afternoon Delight”: May 25, 2022 — Director(s): Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian — Model(s): Aiden Ward, Xtian Mingle — © 2022 Euro Media Partners, LLC. ® All Rights Reserved.
Xtian Mingle
Aiden Ward

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“After the excellent scene in which he appeared with the very sexy Sebastian Green last year in “Aiden Ward Steams Back To CockyBoys As Sebastian Green Makes His Pro Porn Debut!”, Aiden Ward is back with the handsome Xtian Mingle for a scene that is both sensual and passionate. We really missed Aiden’s spontaneity, that’s for sure.” — Jordan (KinkyBoys)

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Boyfriends Aiden Ward and Xtian Mingle have an afternoon delight…thanks to some spontaneous sexual creativity. Aiden is outside stroking his cock, unaware that Xtian is watching him and is so aroused that he takes a pic of his ass and sends it to Aiden with an invite to fuck. Aiden drops everything and comes inside to see Xtian bent over and offering up his hole.

 Aiden wastes no time eating out Xtian and sucking his cock from behind and soon gives Xtian  what he wants. He slips in his cock and thrusts deep into Xtian, pounding his hole and making him VERY happy. When Aiden takes a small break, Xtian spins around to suck Aiden’s big dick and take some face fucking, excited even more by watching himself in the mirror.

On his second go-round Aiden turns Xtian on his side to fuck him and bring him to breathless ecstasy.  Aiden doesn’t quite, turning Xtian on his back to suck him and jackhammer him until Xtian cums over himself. Aiden keeps going until his intense orgasm in which he shoots over Xtian’s hairy hole and into him.

AND…there’s more!  As they kiss, Aiden is still rock-hard fucking Xtian who wants and coaxes another load from him! So Aiden soon pulls out to shoot again, breeding Xtian a little bit more before they lie back and kiss passionately., still excited by their little fling.

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