Apolo Adrii Tops Andrey Vic in Lucas Entertainment New Scene from “Banging And Breeding”.

“Banging And Breeding, sc. #04”: May 2, 2022 — Director(s): Michael Lucas — Model(s): Andrey Vic, Apolo Adrii — ©️ 2022 Lucas Entertainement. ® All Rights Reserved.
Andrey Vic
Apolo Adrii

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Banging And Breeding ends with a scene featuring two hyperactive models, very attractive and each brimming with charisma. Apolo Adrii and Andrey Vic offer us here an unforgettable performance. Well done guys!” —Jordan (KinkyBoys)

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Andrey Vic and Apolo Adrii are two incredibly hot guys with amazing chemistry when they are together. But guys are rather quiet and stoic, but when their testosterone starts pumping their sexual intensity ramps up and goes sky high. Andrey Vic is usually a top in bed because he loves the feeling of a tight and nervous hole as he first penetrates and slides in raw. But for the right guy he lives to be submissive and spread his legs. He does exactly that for total-top Apolo Adrii, but not before sucking on each other’s uncut cocks!

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