Kane Fox welcums and flip-fucks with Xtian Mingle in CockyBoys New Scene “Fantasy Come True” !

“Fantasy Come True”: Apr. 12, 2022 — Director(s): Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian — Model(s): Kane Fox, Xtian Mingle — © 2022 Euro Media Partners, LLC. ® All Rights Reserved.
Kane Fox
Xtian Mingle

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“Xtian Mingle continues to take his first steps at CockyBoys. After a very sensual and successful first scene in the series “Wet Dreams” with Lane Colten, Xtian Mingle returned two months later with, this time, one of the stars of CockyBoys, Kane Fox. A flip-fuck scene highlighting more the wild side of Xtian Mingle who hasn’t had the opportunity to show us so far, and as much to tell you that you won’t be disappointed. As for Kane Fox, true to himself, authentic, charming, with a look that is both tender and perverted and an energy that never ceases to transport us. The chemistry is there and very present, also reflecting the excellent work of Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian.” —Jordan (KinkyBoys)

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Newcomer Xtian Mingle gets to have a “fantasy come true” flip-fuck with Kane Fox! In a candid Q&A, Xtian reveals ALL about his sexual journey which led to CockyBoys and an opportunity to explore even more..starting with doing it in front of a mirror. Xtian & Kane make out next to one and feel each other up, leading Xtian to play with Kane’s ass and watch their reflections. Soon, Xtian gets to see himself get sucked while he works over Kane’s hole, before he turns them around so Kane can watch..briefly that is. Xtian eats Kane’s ass then flips him over to suck his cock and get his own ass rimmed all while watching it unfold in the mirror and giving himself the full voyeur-exhibitionist experience. Xtian soon turns Kane parallel to the mirror so they can both enjoy the show, as Xtian eats his ass again and drills him to the bed. Eventually, Xtian gives Kane his full attention plowing him on his back and getting off watching Kane’s reactions as he takes his cock. In the midst of his intense topping, Xtian wants to satisfy his urge to get fucked and in the blink of an eye, Kane is in control fucking him from behind. They can both see in the mirror as Kane physically and verbally dominates Xtian’s ass. Kane then gets him to ride his cock and Xtian cuts loose, bouncing on it wildly until he puts Kane over the edge. Kane pulls out to shoot between Xtian’s ass cheeks then as Xtian wants he slides it back into him. He rides him just a bit more then shoots over Kane’s abs. They kiss again, both totally satisfied by the thrill of it all.

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