Hot First Class Passenger Roman Todd gets fucked by the Sexy Steward Devy in Men’s New Scene from “First Class Fuckfest”.

“First Class Fuckfest”: Apr. 7, 2022 — Model(s): Devy, Roman Todd — ©️ 2022 Men. ® All Rights Reserved.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“This scene, ”First Class Fuckfest”, mixes with finesse, humor and sex, with a Roman Todd always in top form and the sensational Devy in the role of the sexy steward. The chemistry is of course there and you won’t be bored. Well done guys!” — Jordan (KinkyBoys)

Pour lire cet article en français, clique ici : 🇫🇷

Flight attendant Devy sees first class passenger Roman Todd checking him out and asks if there’s anything he can take care of for him, so Roman takes out his cock! Devy has to go help a demanding passenger, but eagerly returns to suck Roman’s dick, then rim him in the aisle. Roman wants the steward’s dick in his hole, and Devy brings his cock in for a doggystyle landing, then Roman rides him reverse in his seat. The bottom cums as he gets pounded in missionary, then Devy pulls out to blow his load on Roman’s abs!

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