Hot BelAmi Models Jim Durden, Justin Saradon and Nate Donaghy get naughty outside in BelAmi’s New Scene, “The Better Fuck”.

“The Better Fuck”: Mar. 31, 2022 — Model(s): Jim Durden, Justin Saradon, Nate Donaghy — ©️ 2022 George Duroy. ® All Rights Reserved.
Jim Durden ❤️
Justin Saradon
Nate Donaghy

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“The chemistry between Jim, Justin and Nate is at its peak in this brand new hot outdoor scene. Justin’s gluttony, Nate’s energy and Jim’s strength, it’s all there and it works” (NB: I wish Jim Durden a speed recovery from his ankle surgery earlier in the week. ❤️) — Jordan (KinkyBoys)

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Every family has its little fights, and we join the Summer Loves team today in the middle of one. Bastian is adamant that he is right and Nate is a better lover than Jim. Apparently, it has nothing at all to do with size, but all to do with stamina, something that sweet little Bastian is saying Jim does not have, but Nate does (Given that Nate also has a big dick, we’re not sure Bastian is being entirely objective here).

Luckily there is an impartial judge available when Justin Saradon agrees to let both of them fuck him and then hand down his conclusion!

In August the real test comes. As a result of this little tiff, we decided that Bas and Jim should fuck and make up and we will have that here in a few months!

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