CockyBoys Presents Newbies Conner Blakely & Harley Xavier as the New Fresh Faces of February.

“New Fresh Faces of February: Conner Blakely & Harley Xavier”: Feb. 22, 2022 — Director(s): Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian — Model(s): Conner Blakely, Harley Xavier — © 2022 Euro Media Partners, LLC. ® All Rights Reserved.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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TWO new faces make their CockyBoys debuts: Conner Blakely & Harley Xavier! Moving from the world of self-produced erotica, they’re now wading into the pro ranks and meeting for the first time!

Vers Conner likes to dominate when he tops, while Harley enjoys taking whatever a rough top can dish out. And these aren’t empty boasts as they show from the start.

After some passionate making out,  Conner puts Harley on his knees to bury his face in fulsome crotch and he establishes who is boss with his words & actions. After Conner teases him with his big balls & cock and manhandles him, he gets Harley to suck him and in no time Conner’s cock has grown huge and he dominates Harley’s mouth with it.  Conner brings Harley to his feet for more kissing but he’s also ready to fuck.

With Harley bent over, Conner slides in his cock and once Harley works hole to take him deeper, Conner goes all in. He pounds Harley and periodically holds him by the neck before deciding he wants to be sucked again. As Conner lies back, Harley gives his cock & balls slavish attention and he’s rewarded with Conner’s ass eating. While on his stomach, Conner drills Harley and dominates him every which way including stuffing his mouth with underwear and using his foot to hold his head down.

Conner flips Harley on his back and pounds him, putting his hand over his mouth, choking him, and holding him down. Then, Conner lies back for Harley to ride him and take his piston fucking and control. With a little help, Harley shoots his load over Conner’s chest, and soon Conner orgasms, pulling out to shoot over Harley’s hole and finish inside him. After so much intense sex Conner & Harley lie back with the same sweet and now satisfied smiles on their deceptively innocent faces.

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