Kane Fox and Tannor Reed shines in this second episode of Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian’s “GAME ON” for CockyBoys.

“Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian’s GAME ON, Episode 2”: Feb. 17, 2022 — Director(s): Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian — Model(s): Kane Fox, Tannor Reed — ©️ 2022 Euro Media Partners, LLC ® All Rights Reserved.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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While Daniel EvansKane Fox & Leo Grand are in Mexico still reeling from the death of their friend & business partner Marcus Muskburg (Matthew Cooper), they’re forced to hang with their friend’s quirky widower Houston Moore (Dallas Preston).

This includes partying with Houston’s new friends Leo Louis, Avery Jones & Tannor Reed, self-proclaimed “professional troublemakers” who Houston just met on the beach!

Amidst all the tension, “wallflowers” Kane Fox & Tannor Reed gravitate towards each other and spend time bonding, culminating in spending the night together cuddling. The next morning Kane is horny and hard–which Tannor can’t help but notice. He soon teases the still-growing cock until Kane begs for more and Tannor obliges by sucking every inch.  In addition, Tannor plies Kane with affection and compliments and in return, the super-flexible bottom gets lots of ass-eating.

In time Kane cock-teases Tannor’s hole then flips him on his stomach to drill him. Tannor loves it and backs up on Kane to meet his deep thrusts. Thrilled by the effortless sexual rapport that has emerged, they engage in more affectionate kissing before Kane fucks Tannor from behind, driven by unfettered passion. 

Finally, Kane drills Tannor from the side and it isn’t long before he goes over the edge and pulls out just in time to shoot a gigantic, thick load over Tannor’s balls. In turn, Tannor uses it as lube to jerk himself to his own orgasm, cumming over himself.  Kane wraps himself around Tannor’s body, both of them totally content to stay this way for hours….

Later as Kane & Daniel have a heated heart-to-heart on their current situation,  someone overhears them and the wheels begin to spin again…

Jake Jaxson

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