Adrian Hart services and offers his ass to Reign in Falcon Studios’ Third Episode of Men’s Briefs, “Give The Dog A Bone”.

“Men’s Briefs, Ep. 3: Give The Dog A Bone”: Feb. 18, 2022 — Director(s): Max Konnor, Steve Cruz — Model(s): Adrian Hart, Reign — ©️ 2022 Falcon Studios. ® All Rights Reserved

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pour lire cet article en français, clique ici → 🇫🇷

When puppy dog Adrian Hart discovers that his pet sitter is muscle daddy Reign, he immediately starts fantasizing about his mouthwatering body.

The dog dreams about transforming from a good boy to a real boy and taking Reign to pound town.

In his fantasies, Adrian sees himself as a jock that’s stroking his big dick while gagging on Reign’s curved cock.

Reign services Adrian’s hard pole and pulsing hole before throwing the dog a boner and barebacking the young pup doggy style. The obedient Adrian has to stop himself from howling as Reign slaps his ass and passionately buries his bone in Adrian’s tight backyard.

A few more thrusts from the top’s hot cock and the horny pup is busting all over his abs with Reign pulling out to spray him down only seconds later. 

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