Brazilian Dom Top Victor Ferraz dominates and fucks the Sexy Bottom Dann Grey in Fuckermate’s ”Morning Cravings”.

“Morning Cravings”: Feb. 11, 2022 — Director(s): Luis Acosta — Model(s): Dann Grey, Victor Ferraz — ©️ 2022 Lacosta Studios S.L ® All Rights Reserved.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pour lire cet article en français, clique ici : 🇫🇷

Hot things happen in our kitchen every time our horny mates are at the stove.

Today young stud Victor Ferraz, visiting Barcelona for few weeks from his homeland Brasil, catches there Latin muscle bottom Dann Grey, intent on preparing his breakfast.

Victor is hungry for something different and he doesn’t take too long to take control and orders Dann onto his knees to crave and lick his hard bone. When the guys moves to the living room Grey keeps on sucking and then the Brazilian jams the tongue deep in his horny hole till he begs to get fucked hard and bare.

The raw ride he takes on Victor’s thick cock is just what he deserves and what he needs to curb his morning cravings, but the service couldn’t be complete without the huge load of cum he takes on his face and mouth!

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