Kristen Bjorn: “Casting Couch #458” – Fenix Art & Guido Plaza.

“Casting Couch #458”: Jan. 21, 2022 — Director(s): STRONGBOLI — Model(s): Fenix Art, Guido Plaza — ©️ 1997-2022 Kristen Bjorn Productions. ® All Rights Reserved

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pour lire cet article en français, clique ici: 🇫🇷

Today Guido Plaza is inducting Fenix Art to the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. The formality of introductions is not necessary when you are this horny. The guys begin stripping down and exploring their ever-growing cocks not so concealed in their underwear.

Fenix gives Guido a tease as he exposes his furry ass while Guido strokes his growing meaty cock to full girth. Fenix turns around and helps Guido bring his cock to its majestic size with his hungry mouth. As Fenix sucks on Guido’s cock the massive cock head gives Fenix something delicious to choke on as it expands down his throat.

Getting flipped onto his shoulders, Fenix furry ass is split open by Guido’s thick, throbbing cock. Guido slams in deep and hard and immediately ramps up his rhythm as he feels Fenix’s ass relax and welcomes him in completely.

Another flip and Fenix is on all 4’s and Guido doesn’t skip a beat as he simply readjusts and continues with his deep ass fucking.

That hot, pink, furry hole has Guido intoxicated with the heat and firm ass muscles gripping onto his cock that it milks Guido’s cock of all its juicy seed. Fenix instantly flips on Guido and has him on his back with his legs spread open and rams his pulsating cock into Guido’s hungry ass. Fenix goes with a deep, rhythmic fucking that pleasure both men. The smooth, intense fucking quickly brings Fenix to the brink of passion and shoots his creamy load of cum all over Guido’s abs. Fenix shoves his cock back into Guido’s ass and dumps the remaining cum inside of him.

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