CockyBoys: “Under The Neon Sky” – Leo Louis & Sean Ford.

“Under The Neon Sky”: Jan. 20, 2022 — Director(s): Raphael Massicotte — Model(s): Leo Louis, Sean Ford — ©️ 2022 Euro Media Partners, LLC ® All Rights Reserved.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Sean Ford is BACK!! CockyBoys has a special welcome back for Sean in “Under The Neon Sky” starring Leo Louis & directed by Raphael Massicotte.

Join Leo & Sean on a multi-hued date in after-hours Montreal that includes making out in a club, sexy goings-on in the men’s room, a fast-food break, getting VERY flirty on the subway, and driving back to Leo’s place where they engage in zipless making out on Leo’s bed.

Eventually, Leo gets his hands on Sean’s creamy butt & fingering his hole before flipping him on his tummy to taste his ass crack. After getting Sean naked, Leo gets even more into his gyrating ass and dry humps him before taking down his own pants and giving Sean his shot at sucking him. Sean makes his way down Leo’s shredded bod and swallows his cock and he has no problem taking Leo’s deep face-fucking.

The guys take a little smoke break but in little time Sean is back sucking Leo deep and they’re soon back in bed where Leo gets his shot at fucking Sean. With Sean on his back, Leo slowly slides in his monster cock, but more lube and two-finger probing is needed before Leo can go full throttle and pound Sean. Every thrust makes Sean moan louder especially when Leo flips him over. It’s so good that Leo has to slow down or risk cumming too soon.

 Sean & Leo really get in sync when Sean sits on Leo’s fat cock and rides him while taking all of his ass-splitting thrusts. There’s no slowing down now as Sean works himself up to shooting his load over Leo’s chest. And that pushes Leo over the edge and he pulls out to shoot between Sean’s ass cheeks and finish inside him. Sean makes sure to milk Leo’s cock with his hole as they kiss and he collapses on of Leo, both spent & totally satisfied.

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