CockyBoys: Brock Banks Bottoms for Austin Wolf

Brock Banks has bottomed before but today he’s ready to give up control and have the full, often-requested “Austin Wolf experience”!

“Austin Wolf and Brock Banks“ Trailer – Release Date: Mar. 4, 2021

Not long after they talk about what’s in store, Brock goes up to naked Austin and grasps his rock-hard cock. In response Austin kisses him and grips his throat and pulls down his briefs to play with the muscular bubble butt he’s about to own. And when Austin makes out with him again Brock knows just what to do: he goes down on Austin & sucks him deep.

Soon, Austin sits Brock on his lap and as he kisses him again, he lifts him up for some mid-air making out before lying him on his back to fuck him. Austin’s skilled thrusting elicits Brock’s moans of pleasure and when he takes a break Brock resumes sucking him. Austin soon has Brock in the bed to face fuck him and reach over to finger his hole again.  Austin really doesn’t need to guide or order Brock who just goes for it and relentlessly sucks him deep, not stopping even as he’s put into 69 by Austin who eats out his ass.

With minimal shift in position Brock is soon riding Austin, grinding on his cock and leaning back into it before Austin holds him back and thrusts deep into him like a sex toy. Austin takes Brock from behind and pounds him hard, periodically holding him by the neck—and Brock takes it all. Austin finally goes over the edge and pulls out to cum over Brock’s hole and slide his cock back in.

Austin’s intense orgasm keeps going, especially as Brock works his hole on the top’s sensitive cock. Austin has to lie back to recover but not for long as Brock is ready to cum too. As Austin holds him in his arms and fingers his hole, Brock has an intense orgasm of his own. It too is stretched out as Austin kisses him and plays with cock. This is how you make post-sex euphoria last! 

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