CockyBoys: What’s Your Kink ? – Avery Jones & Dante Colle

In this episode, guest directed by Tayte Hanson, dynamic bottom Avery Jones has been “expanding” his kink and he believes he’s just the right one to help scene partner Dante Colle explore his kinky side.

And once Avery spells out what he likes, Dante is pretty sure there’s some fun in store—with Avery leading the way.

After they start kissing, Avery sucks Dante’s finger and guides him to finger him and it isn’t long before Dante slips in more digits to fuck his tight hole.

Turning Avery around, Dante gets into it, stretching Avery’s hole with 4 fingers and worshipfully licking it. When slaps his ass, Avery presses him to go harder. All this works up Dante who strips down and with his cock standing to attention, he slides it into Avery’s spit-lubed hole.

Dante fucks Avery and though they both mutually love the feel, he pulls out to manhandle Avery’s hole again before resuming his drilling. Soon though it’s Avery who switches it up by showing off his oral skills, through sucking Dante’s big dick and balls as he sits back relishing the pleasure. After Avery gulps him down and slobbers over every inch , he climbs up and sits on Dante’s slick cock and takes every deep thrust.

At one point Dante takes more control and lifts Avery up to fuck him in mid-air before putting him on his back to plow him. Dante takes a break only to turn Avery around and fuck his throat, 69 with him, and eat his hole before turning him around again to drill him. Dante is relentless as he finally fucks a load out of Avery and pulls out to cream over his hole and breed him with it.

Dante kisses Avery but he’s drawn back to run his fingers over Avery’s freshly fucked hole and marvel at it.

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