CockyBoys: Angel Rivera & Sharok

Angel Rivera finally gets to meet porn crush Sharok and even in his usual low-key manner he cannot contain his enthusiasm for a scene with him.

“Angel Rivera & Sharok” Trailer – Release Date: Jan. 8, 2021

When Angel finds out how Sharok likes to treat a bottom, his eyes just light up. And, he’s eager to act out Sharok’s ideal scenario: ass up wearing a jock strap. Sharok soon buries his face Angel’s crack and eats out his hole, and slaps his ass just as Angel wanted all along.

Sharok passionately kisses Angel and when he moves in front of him, Angel is all too ready to suck his cock. 

Angel’s increasing excitement at sucking Sharok is met with face-fucking, more rimming & ass-play and some hearty kissing. The more Sharok manhandles Angel, the harder they BOTH get harder. Finally, after Sharok has primed virtually every inch of Angel he gets behind him and fucks him hard. It’s when he picks him up and takes him to bed that Sharok lets loose and really drills Angel’s ass.

Angel relishes every bit of the hard pounding while on his stomach and when he’s pinned on his back. And when Sharok needs a slight break from the fucking, Angel is right there to suck him. Soon Sharok gets his second wind moving into a 69 with Angel and slobbering over his hole again. Before he fucks him though, Sharok gets Angel to put on a teasing show for him. When Sharok is ready he allows Angel to sit on his cock.

Sharok bounces Angel on his cock and then just lets him work his hole on it. Finally, while buried deep inside him, Sharok picks up Angel and fucks him on his back and in no time, Angel shoots a thick load. Sharok milks him dry and sucks the rest from his cock head, then sits back and strokes out a big thick load of his own. Angel extends that enervating orgasm by sucking Sharok’s sensitive cock and licking up some jizz as well. As you might expect, they’re just plain drained. For now, that is.

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