⚪️ 2021 KinkyBoys™ Web Choice (KWCVIII)

Like every end of the year, you are invited to choose your favorite actors among the actors who marked 2020 according to KinkyBoys. Happy new year 2021 to everyone and congratulations to the winners !

Best French Pornstar: Paul Delay

Best European Pornstar: Sir Peter

Best International Pornstar: Pierce Paris

Best New Pornstar: Gustavo Cruz

Best Solo: Brysen (Sean Cody)

Brysen’s Dildo Solo (Sean Cody)

Cast: Brysen (Sean Cody)

Release Date: June 26, 2020

“To help introduce his solo, Sean Cody hottie Brysen is joined by his boyfriend Nolan. The guys have been keeping busy during quarantine with massages, gardening, and working on their skincare, and of course, “Lots of sexin’ and lots of bickering like a married couple,” Brysen jokes. “But more bickering leads to more sex, so…” puts in Nolan. “More wild, crazy sex!” says the sexy top.

Nolan steps behind the camera as Brysen strips down and lies back on the couch, stroking his big, thick cock and teasing his hole with his fingers till he cums on his firm abs.

Brysen’s not done yet: he lubes up his own molded dildo and literally fucks himself, riding that dick and surprising even himself with how big it is!

Brysen manages to take every last inch of himself and finally gets to enjoy what all his scene partners have been feeling as he blows a big load!”

Best Scene: Mail Mixup by Chi Chi Larue (Noir Male)

Mail Mixup (Noir Male)

Cast: DeAngelo Jackson, Beaux Banks

Release Date: January 2020

“What happens when your stepbrother opens your mail and finds something unexpected? He apologizes but looks at you funny because he has the same dildo.

After DeAngelo apologizes to Beaux Banks, his step bro, the two help each other out with hot wet blowjobs, dripping rim jobs and intense stepbrother fucking that draws the cum right out of their dicks.”

Best Threesome, Group or Orgy: John’s Triple Double-Penetration by Grobes Geraet & Tim Kruger (Tim Kruger’s TimTales)

John’s Triple Double-Penetration (Tim Kruger’s TimTales)

Cast: Diego Mattos, John Thomas, Maksim Orlov, Tim Kruger

Release Date: September 19, 2020

It’s a perfect trio; Timtales Exclusive Diego Mattos and his thick beer can Brazilian dick, followed by the Slavic huge rough cock Maksim Orlov, and all this hotness lead by Tim and his endless knowledge in raw fucking. You’ve been warned. It’s insanely hot. Just ask John and his hole flooded in man milk. What a beauty.”

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