Sean Cody: Brysen’s Solo

To help introduce his solo, Sean Cody hottie Brysen is joined by his boyfriend Nolan.

The guys have been keeping busy during quarantine with massages, gardening, and working on their skincare, and of course,

“Lots of sexin’ and lots of bickering like a married couple,”

Brysen (Sean Cody)

“But more bickering leads to more sex, so…”


“More wild, crazy sex!”

Brysen (Sean Cody)

Nolan steps behind the camera as Brysen strips down and lies back on the couch, stroking his big, thick cock and teasing his hole with his fingers till he cums on his firm abs.

Brysen’s not done yet: he lubes up his own molded dildo and literally fucks himself, riding that dick and surprising even himself with how big it is!

Brysen manages to take every last inch of himself and finally gets to enjoy what all his scene partners have been feeling as he blows a big load!

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