Exclusive Interview of Donte Thick


Profession : Cam Model, Pornstar, Entertainer

Birth Date : August 15, 1993

Country of birth : USA 🇺🇸

Height/Taille // Weight/Poids // Height/Taille (Penis) : 5.11ft/1.80m // 160lbs/73kg // 8.5in/21.5cm

Sexual Orientation/Orientation Sexuelle : Bisexual

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, OnlyFans : @DonteThick69’s Twitter, @DonteThick69’s Instagram, DonteThick’s OnlyFans

I love how much everyone has accepted me in the porn world. I’m just freely expressing myself anyway I can 🙂 I love all genders, I don’t pick a sides! I would say queer if you must have a label, but I honestly don’t like labels at all. Im attracted to athletic bodies and all personalities. #Freelove.

Donte Thick


KB: Donte, we are one thing in common, we both have the same age, 24. My first question will be … How were you when you were 15 ? 

DT: I actually just received wifi (only had it my 9th grade year) and I lived in Cooper City Florida. Everyday after school I would jerk off 4-8 times within a 3-5 hour before anyone else would come home. I destroyed my carpet as I was blowing my loads under the computer, I was wrestling varsity. I don’t know how I was able to keep any testosterone in my body but I was always raging lol.

KB: Were you the intellectual, the clown or the agitator of the class in high school ? 

DT: I’m a very well rounded character. I hung with everyone from jocks, gangsters, rich people, nerds to stoners, just never good kids. lol! I was very sexual to all my sexy teachers and told one of them i was going to be a porn star, she told me I couldn’t. I told her I will be. lol. so i for sure did my own thing and was always in trouble.

KB: Donte, can you describe yourself in three words ? 

DT: The Fucking Best.

KB: At what age did you get your first date ? 

DT: I don’t enjoy dating people though, it’s silly. I have a free love hippie point of view. I wasn’t allowed to date growing up though, currently I am married & have a 7 month daughter. We have an open relationship and both take full advantage of some crazy sex adventures. I think it’s wonderful to have that go to person for whatever you need, she’s my partner in everything. 🙂 It takes a person whos very similar to me sexually to understand me.

KB: Did you ever come to France ? 

DT: I have not left the country yet… But I NEEEEEEEEED to go on a sexual vacation to Europe and plow my way in France and see what the hype is about ❤

KB: Do you speak french or know few french words ? 

DT: Wee 😛

KB: Do you have a hidden talent ? 

DT: A lot. I obsess over anything I do. I don’t hide my talents im a beautiful motherfucker and the world needs to this freak, so i never hide my “talents”. But I’ve memorized almost all 12 seasons of American Dad.

KB: What song are you listening the most right now ? 

DT: I only listen to the master of high tech minimal techno Boris Brejcha, i haven’t listened to any other music since july 2017. Im very serious about my music.

KB: What sport do you practice ? 

DT: Cycling, mma, kettlebells, long hikes…

KB: What is the first thing you do when you wake up ? 

DT: Smoke weed and drink coffee. i have a slipped disc 5c and 6c in my neck and smoking in the morning gives me the ability to be active during the day.

KB: Looking at your Instagram account (@dontethick24), many publications caught my attention (not gonna lie ^^) but one REALLY caught my attention and my heart, the publication with the DragonBall Z shirt, are you a fan of manga and/or comics ? 

DT: If it’s a yes (It’s will be our second thing in common). YES!! my favorite anime has to be Samurai Champloo than DragonBall Z.

KB: Where do you get this big and beautiful yellow hat that you wearing many times? 

DT: My wife actually made it for me, I actually never take my beanie off unless its for a picture. I lost it once in the snow for 3 days and it came back to me so now it’s just with me always, I workout all the time in it. I don’t like seeing other people when Im working out and it keeps distractions out of my world so can focus on myself.

KB: What is the most unusual public place where you have had sex ? 

DT: A church parking lot while church was going on. it was outside and on the ground. lol

KB: With which athlete would you like to have sex ? 

DT: Any. male or female i only fuck with athletes, and people who are fit. lol.

KB: Choose three actors (none porn) : one to do shopping, one for one night and one for life : 

DT: I would say Joe Rogan to shop with, Wim Hof for the night (non sexual), and my babe Wesley Woods (@TheWesleyWoods) very sexual for life ❤ (I really don’t like any celebrities and i stay out of what society does or who’s involved)

No one should ever attack someone simply because that person doesn’t understand freelove. I don’t judge other people and hate when people do that. I love you guys and I’m very honored that I can be your sex god!”

Donte Thick


KB: How was your first scene and your first steps in porn? 

DT: I had a really fun 3 sum and first time being spit roasted! Since I was in elementary school I could self suck so my porn steps took place very young. My mom used to turn magazine covers around of anything dealing with females or even slightly sexual. So naturally, I was very curious. I watched my first porn when i was 5 and ever then its been in my head.

KB: At what age, did you know that your dick was thick, Donte Thick ? 😉

DT: I always thought I had a small cock until i did my first scene and the other models said “fuck thats huge!” I was 19.

KB: What are the great difficulties when you’re acting ?

DT: Actually I would say not acting. When I’m on set, I might be playing along with an idea that my director has, but the sex, and the sluttiness I exhibit is 100% real. When I am doing a scene I ask myself “How can I make this the best Porn Scene so far?” . Constantly striving for improvement and perfection. No matter what, I’m myself in any situation. It’s rare to see someone as open & free about sex as me. I hope so see more sluts in my future and continue to break out of stereotypes 🙂

KB: What/Who gives you the strength to do this job ?

DT: The knowledge that everyone, guys and gals, want to fuck me or be fucked by me. thats a powerful realization! Annetta Swarchz is the sluttiest porn star and has been my favorite since i’ve been watching porn since 9th grade. Maybe i can meet her one day! Also i really want to meet Rocco Siffredi

KB: What porn actor do you most enjoy having sex with ? 

DT: MARKIE MORE ❤ (@MarkieMoore ) but we just really connected off set too. but that’s not disrespect to anyone else i’ve worked with 🙂 His cock was just good and hes so strong! whats not to go crazy about him.

KB: Have you had good meetings with other actors and performers ? 

DT: VERY GOOD!! of course there’s gonna be dicks (no pun intended lol) but I would say the majority of them have been very helpful with the start of my career.


✰  Have you ever taken someone’s virginity ? not yet….

✰  Have you ever worn the same underwear for five days in a row ? ya im a guy!!

✰  Have you ever tried to seduce my boss to get a raise or promotion ? yes… lol sssshhhhhh…..

✰ Have you ever had a dream about a teacher or someone you work with ? Teachers all day and being a barista i saw the best guys and gals around!

✰ Have you ever not been able to remembered how you got somewhere ? Fuck ya. my favorite thing is being lost. i don’t drink alcohol btw plants are the way to go. lol

✰ Have you ever ridden on a cow, an elephant, or some strange animal ? I don’t believe in domesticating animals nor riding them. i like my feet and a bike!

✰  Have you ever thrown up from a hangover at work ? I don’t drink so no lol

✰  Have you ever had sex blindfolded ? Yes!

✰  Have you ever screamed during a horror movie ? No 

✰  Have you ever laughed so hard I peed my pants ? Yes 

✰  Have you ever been the alibi for a cheating friend ? No. i don’t like lying. i love being 
upfront in your fucking face. 

✰  Have you ever ridden in a limo ? No 

✰  Have you ever had sex in a tent ? No i don’t sleep in tents outside.


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