Exclusive Interview of Danny Azcona


Profession : Actor

Country of birth : Mexico 🇲🇽

Height/Taille // Weight/Poids // Height/Taille (Penis) : 5ft/1m64 // 132lbs/60kg // 6.3in/17cm

Sexual Orientation/Orientation Sexuelle : Gay

Twitter, Instagram, OnlyFans : @DannyAzconaxxx, DannyAzcona’s OF

“I love doing what makes me happy and i’m happier when you like what i do. Follow your heart and find the way !”

Daniel “Danny” Azcona


KB: What did you like to do when you were younger ?

DA: Since i was a child i always liked to sing and dance, i don’t have the amazing voice but my i love to sing, i remember also that i liked to tell jokes to my grandma

KB: Were you the intellectual, the clown or the agitator of the class in high school ?

DA: I Was never good at school i was prefere to be agitator and little clow but i was always lucky because the teacher loved to me

KB: Danny, can you describe Mexico in three words ?

DA: Hospitable, colorfully, cultural

KB: At what age did you get your first date ?

DA: My first date was when i was 20 years old

KB: Which countries do you like the most ?

DA: I love puebla and oaxaca very nice and both have delicious food

KB: At what age did you know about your sexual orientation ?

DA: When i knew about my sexuality was when i was 18

KB: Do you have a hidden talent ?

DA: I’m not sure that this is a talent but I’m great at designing things like accessories and clothes

KB: What is the most unusual public place where you have had sex ?

DA: In the subway one time have sex and it was so hot hahahahaha

KB: What is the thing you like or you do perfectly during sex ?

DA: I like to do squats on the dick, lick armpit and kiss

KB: With which athlete would you like to have sex ?

DA: In Mexico have an athtlete of Judo calling Eduardo Avila is my crush hahahaha

KB: Which part of your body do you like the most ?

DA: Definitely my shouders and my lips

KB: Choose three actors (none porn) : one to do shopping, one for one night and one for life :

DA: For shopping Matt Bomer, one night Jason Momoa and for life James Franco😍


KB: Have you ever considered making porn or doing a similar activity before you do your first scene?

DA: Yes, i always wanted to make porn, before to doing this i used to dance in night clubs

KB: How was your first scene ? Your first steps at Fuckermate ?

DA: Actually my first scene was for Lucas Entertainment and was very tired because we worked for eight hours, but make great friends and for other side for Fuckermate my first steps was very good one of the best company great people and very nice guys, my first scene was with the french actor Guillaume Wayne and this scene was amazing because it was the only one i enjoyed

KB: What are the great difficulties when you’re acting ?

DA: Enjoy totally sex because for me is my work and i try to concentrate in this and have a good sex, other difficult is to have hard dick because in backstage there are a lot of people

KB: What/Who gives you the strength to do this job ?

DA: I like make porn and i enjoy it, all of this is for me and wanna be the great porn actor, be an example for the persons in mexico that we can be a big stars if we propose it

KB: What porn actor do you most enjoy having sex with ?

DA: Definitely with Guillaume Wayne

KB: About Guillaume Wayne, in his interview, he said a lot about you. What can you say about him ?

DA: He is an amazing guy, is very cute and funny, since we met we are in touch, i like to see when he smile, i want to see him again

KB: Do you speak french or know few french words ?

DA: Oui mon ami, juste quelques mots, i try to learn french but is very difficult hahaha i just say “bonjour, merci” and other words hahahaha


✰ Your favorite singer ?

I don’t have one but i love to Anitta is a singer from brazil

✰ Your biggest qualities ?

I’m very nice with the people

✰ Your biggest defects ?

Be a short man, i don’t like it

✰ Your 3 favorite TV series or movies ?

My favorites tv series are Smash cast, Revenge and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Movies COCO (By Disney), Ratatouille and Mean Girls

✰ The first thing you do when you wake up ?

Check out my phone and turn on the tv

✰ The thing you hate the most ?

I hate lazy people and i hate not eating

❍ Have you ever taken someone’s virginity ?

No never, but almost hahaha

❍ Have you ever cheated on a partner ?

Yes one time

❍ Have you ever been involved in an orgy ?

Oh yes man!

❍ Have you ever had a dream about a teacher or someone you work with ?

When i was in high school i was in love of my chemistry teacher

❍ Have you ever had sex in a pool ?

Yes a lot of times

❍ Have you ever had a crush on someone MUCH older than you ?

James Franco count? Hahaha but i don’t like older men

❍ Have you ever looked through someone’s phone without permission ?

No! Because don’t like when see my stuffs without permission

❍ Have you ever had skype sex ?

Yes, is very funny

❍ Have you ever stolen money from your parents ?

No i repect that, fortunately my parents always gave me money when i need it

❍ Have you ever fallen down on long stairs ?

Yes sometimes

❍ Have you ever looked through a roommate’s bedroom or bathroom ?

Yes, i remember this autralian dick 😈


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